What is BaniThani?

Banithani Jewelry, a store you go for stylish, high-quality, this-is-me kind of Gemstone jewelry. We believe in creating one of a kind pieces, in giving freedom to style, in rejoicing every moment big or small. We want to give each and every one a reason to enjoy life, to brighten a loved one’s day. We have a wide range of handmade rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces.

We are serving in United states, United kingdom, Germany, Canada and Japan Since 2003, we’ve helped turn moments into memories. Wish to be a part of it. Submerge yourself in a treasure trove of dazzling silver and gemstone jewelry, all twinkling in a rainbow of colors and styles. From beautiful and dazzling earrings to sparkling and radiant pendants, from delicate and designer bangles to romantic and exotic rings we make them all. We make each piece with a vision and we’ve worked hard to guarantee your complete satisfaction with each and every purchase. We’re not happy until you are!


At BaniThani, we go solely by three principles. Excellence, Long-term commitment, Respect for our buyers. You’ll find professional help at every corner, the finest in gemstones and jewelry, and problem free shipping and returns.

Though the times may have changed, our main motto remains the same: a promise for quality product and 100% customer satisfaction, providing the finest jewelry at reasonable prices.


We are a quality-oriented enterprise and assure you of our best services, personal attention and timely deliveries. All our products are of international standards and achieve highest standards of genuine and quality products. When it comes to our products, we display only the best quality, customer appraised and rated gemstones and jewelry.

We have efficiently attained a high echelon of customer appreciation through 100% customer satisfaction, thus resulting in long-lasting relations with all our clients. Our team of skilled craftsmen runs regular checks on the quality of all our products that are checked before they are dispatched.

This is what BaniThaniis all about. Trust, hard work, friendly employees and above all satisfied buyers is what sums it all about.